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Handmade Films is an iconic brand in British film history and carries enormous gravitas in the UK, USA and rest of the world. The company invariably has up to eight titles in any analysis of the top 100 greatest British films.

Time Bandits

Eleven-year-old Kevin has a vivid imagination and is fascinated by history, particularly Ancient Greece his parents ignore his activities, having become more obsessed with buying the latest household gadgets to keep up with their neighbours.

Withnail and I

The film depicts the lives and misadventures of two “resting” (struggling and unemployed) young actor friends in late-1969 London.

The Long Good Friday

An up-and-coming gangster is tested by the insurgence of an unknown, very powerful threat.

Making film history since 1979

Founded by a Beatle, to support The Pythons and contains the cult classic Withnail and I and the wondrous journey of Time Bandits.

Names associated with our many titles include George Harrison, Bob Hoskins, Michael Caine, Richard E Grant, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin, John Cleese, Maggie Smith.

Handmade Films Original Library

This is where you can find out about films like Time Bandits, Withnail and I, Mona Lisa and The Long Good Friday.

Classics Library

Here you will find a library of classic British films that we added to the Handmade Collections some years back.

Action Library

A library of ‘made for TV’ action films made in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Joint Ventures

Here you will be able to learn about our more recent film releases of the 2000’s.


We have one short film in our library and that was written by Zoe Ball.


Over the years we have been involved in a number of documentaries.

Our Shop

Browse the Handmade Films online shop featuring original merchandise and limited editions products from some of our most iconic titles.

Latest News

We have appointed a new Sales Agent

We have appointed a new Sales Agent

Across our libraries we have nearly 100 films, many of which are well associated with the Handmade Films name. These include iconic titles such as Withnail & I, Time Bandits, The Long Good Friday and Mona Lisa. A number of our titles have reached, or are reaching,...

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Extension of long-standing commitment to Eloise announced

Extension of long-standing commitment to Eloise announced

We are delighted to announce that we have extended our long-standing commitment to Eloise – the much loved precocious 6 year old! The enjoyable work with Eloise Enterprises LLC (representing The Kay Thompson Estate), Hilary Knight and Simon & Schuster continues...

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Time Bandits TV Adaptation Confirmed

Time Bandits TV Adaptation Confirmed

Handmade Films is delighted to announce that it has reached agreement with Anonymous Content, MRC and Paramount Television in relation to one of its most successful and cherished titles, TIME BANDITS. Our partners will be aiming to adapt the film for a multi season...

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